Artisan made organic cacaoteria completely crazy

This new sensational place set the tone with its funny name, its black and white stripes and its flashy yellow! If you taste it, you are doomed! Come and try our homemade recipes with organic and fair trade chocolates carefully selected. Milk and cream, also organics, naturally come from a local farm. Our delicious whipped cream is obviously homemade as well. Concerning the toppings, we went crazy by selecting well-known food brands that we love, so do you. Let it go, it feels good.

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20 rue des Frères
67000 Strasbourg

Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm

Sunday 2pm-7pm

15 rue Sainte Barbe
67000 Strasbourg

Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm

Sunday 2pm-7pm


 All packed !


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